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Alamsetia provide fresh and frozen seafood products worldwide. We have been supplying quality seafood products for the Indonesian market for years.

We offer all of our professional services with competitive pricing in every aspect of your business, including our packaging, quality control, documentation, logistics and customer service.

As well as it is very pleased to receive a very good reputation, trust and support not only from the domestic market but also the suppliers over the world.


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Sea fish


Freshwater fish


The premium shellfish of all time, lobsters are the highly prized seafood you should get to treat yourself! Get our premium lobsters at affordable prices now! Our lobsters are cleaned and immediately packed using IQF method. IQF stands for individual quick freezing; Freeze immediately after caught to ensure its freshness.

Greasy Grouper

Steamed greasy grouper served with sweet soy sauce, is a Fishery Product with delight here in Indonesia. Get yours now straight from our port! Distributed in tropical waters from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, especially in the waters of Indonesia Features: The skin is fresh and tender, the fish flesh is firm and elastic, and the taste is tender. Among fish, EPA and DHA are the most abundant

Vannamei Prawn

Vannamei is one of the shrimp cultivation with the highest quality in Indonesia
  • True High Demand
  • Premium Product
  • Competitive Price

Our Commitment

Government, Organization, Institution of Education, Research & Development Organization and Non-Government Organization to build and improvement the condition & Environment to reach the sustainability of Fisheries. Creating system and activity as real effort to manage directly start from the beginning where the raw material originate, manage the balance of all interest of environmental, socio-cultural aspects of the fisherman lively hood, seafood manufacture and customer, as part of the whole chain of fisheries/Seafood industry business. Direct action is in the interest of sustainability orient aims to directly provide the necessary through an integrated business management and achieve sustainability goals started early step in the originate area of raw materials. The existence of the company at any point of the location supply of raw materials to achieve management goals with effort for good supply chain. Doing itself all the activities and control, will also give a very strong influence in order to achieve the required total quality standards. All these activities are total organized and managed directly by the group, including the provision of integrated facilities at each of its location of raw material originate. Direct-action management will be done without giving up to on going successful fisheries management for sustainability chain itself. .

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Fish Pond

Our Fish Pond


Sotong Squid

Our Prawn & Lobster Stock

Baby Crabs

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