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Why you should choose pellet?

Why is it worth choosing pellets? The use of pellets for heating is primarily a concern for the environment, but not only. Pellet is a biofuel with very low ash content. This means high efficiency of pellets, no need for frequent cleaning and saving money, because almost all fuel is burnt. Producing Pellet D.G. we make sure that the final product has the best parameters. Low humidity, high density, and above all, high calorific value make it necessary to heat the household less pellets than other fuel.


Pellet fuels can be used for co-firing with coal for power generation, industrial and residential heating. Unlike fossil fuels wood pellets are almost carbon neutral with high calorific value.


Wood pellets are uniform in size and shape, high density, easy to store and handle. Transportation cost for pellet fuels are is than other traditional fuels

Renewable Energy

Wood pellets are wood by-product made from sawdust, wood shavings, and wood logging residues

Pine Wood Pellet

Pine Wood Pellet is made from Pine wood.

Mixed Wood Pellet

Mixed Wooden Pellet is compressed from mixed wood type, mainly used for burning boiler in industrial-scale public and private heating

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm Kernel Shell is a natural high grade solid biofuel and has high density

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We have reached the international market in every continent. Our success is supported by a solid and loyal team in providing the best service. Trust is our foundation in working sincerely to serve every client we work with. Our worldwide network of representatives has done an impressive job of communicating and maintaining relationships with clients, ASIA, EUROPE.

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